New system e-bikes on the European market

21 januari 2010 | Back to the Overview

From january 2010, this new e-bike system is launched into the Netherlands market. Easybike developed specially for electric bicycles an new simply/ friendly system, with a removable battery, which easily can be repaired by any bicycle repairer in the world. With this idea Easybike created the solution for consumers of electric bicycles that the service can be done by anyone, worldwide.

Owners of an electric bicycle are always bounded by the official dealer, who sold the bicycle. For Thorbike bicycles it will be different.. Thorbike use this new Easybike Plug & Drive System. This system is so simply designed, that any repairer can work with this system. The system does not need to be programmed by computer. Plug, in the new part and drive on, that is the power of the Easybike system.

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