The Netherlands is really a specialized bicycle country. We have the most professional bicycle roads and routes in the world and cycling is therefore, one of the most popular leisure. You can notify it when the sun is shining for a long period. We, Dutch people takes out the bicycle the garage. Still, the Netherlands is not an easy country to drive. Think about the wind that can be extreme sometimes. Gladly, you as a Thorbike drive do not need to care about it. Just turn the speed knob more to the right position for more support against the wind and feel the comfort of it. The support can also takes you more far away to a destination than a regular bike.

  • Tour A7

    Tour A7

    Price upwards of €1.399,-

    This wunderfull touring bicycle is designed for long distance with 7 speed Shimano gear.

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  • Tour N8

    Tour N8

    Price upwards of €1.649,-

    Enjoy the long range of 120KM of driving with this electric bicycle with a double batterypackage.

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