Our ThorBikes use a power consumption of only 110 watt/h per 100 km. That is more economical than others. In city-use it means more than 100 times more efficient than a car. But most of all, the Thorbike is sustainable, especially when you choose to use Green Power from your electric supplier.

With the idea that the transportsector takes a considerable part for the Co2 emissions, than a ThorBike is a good green thought. Governments worldwide are trying to support the environment.. All ThorBike batteries easily removable and can be charged anywhere.

Enjoy your life!

Watch to see how mother nature awake in the morning, with the fresh wind on your face. Enjoy the sunshine and the view. Life is beautiful, especially if you use the benefits of our motorized Thorbike. Go for it and enjoy your freedom to where you want and when you want! 

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