About ThorBike

Company founder Wouter Lock stood always in front, especially about new technology. This passion remained in Wouter. Indeed, it turned out that Wouter was not only a technician, but also a visionary. The dreams of new roads and finding a way to find freedom in combination with green power and clean energy and shift the boundary. Wouter used all his passion and inspiration to develop the electric bicycles.

Technical and design are the state of art. The parent company, Easybike, build up, a good reputation through the years. ThorBike use the power of nature, only in his own way. That is what ThorBike is all about. The god of Thunder! Deployable forces, which you can access, whenever you want.


Extra energy available, whenever you need it

Driving against the wind is the biggest irritation, when you drive a bicycle. Except with a Thorbike. Whistling you pedal thanks to the ingenious intelligent adjustable accelerator. Hills, long distance, driving 25 miles to your work? Not a problem with a Thorbike. The miles fly by without any exertion.

No sweat

Arriving sweaty is the bottleneck for many when people drive to their work. Most of them, cannot take a shower at work after arrive. With a Thorbike you choose the support you want with the system and arrive without sweat at your work. Going back and you want to exercise? Just switch off the system on the display or adjust the support less with the speed knob on the display. Easy does it!


Quickly at your destination

Theoretically, a car is much quicker than a electric bicycle. But in traffic jam in cities, you will find out that finally a car is slow. Panache fast past rows of cars and buses and realize that a Thorbike is faster and more efficient in transportation, especially living-work traffic, It is just faster than any other transportation.

Dutch product

Thorbike electric bicycles are developed by Dutch professionals. Most of the spare parts are from Europe and the highest quality in the market. The bicycles are carefully handmade in the Netherlands.

The ideal workout

To use a normal bicycle is more healthy than an electric one? Indeed, if you drive daily, but with headwind, heavy bags and long distance ensure that the normal bicycle stays unused for a long period in the garage, while the convenience of the Thorbike in those cases make sure that the owner gladly will use the bicycle as a transportation object.

And daily use of a Thorbike, also means daily exercise, even you have less effort. Every day 20 minutes small efforts is better than one time heavy workout.

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